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Save your time with Frontpage2000

Can simultaneously operate two windows
For the previous version of FrontPage is not open multiple windows. In the same editing window you can open multiple pages, but to switch them is a cumbersome thing. In FrontPage2000 in many windows open simultaneously, only you use the window / new window (Window / New Window) on the line. You can open different projects and web pages, or drag and drop the folder list file. Can also drag and drop or copy and paste the way through to a web page content into another web page.

The rapid creation of DHTML effect:
If you used the word more familiar with the format of the print tool, use it you will be able to format the text in the copy and paste. In FrontPage 2000, the Format Painter (Format Painter) tool also has the same function, but in your dynamic HTML effects for replication, its effects began to unravel. If you use this feature commonly used in the copy of your DHTML effects, it is very useful.

Change the page title:
Previous versions of FrontPage, we should change the title of a page require many steps to complete, but FrontPage 2000 is much easier. In the folder (Folders) window, select the page you want to operate or file, then click on its title. Allow the title of a page to edit out the window to appear, you can also use it to modify the file names and comments. In addition, when the window for editing still in the active condition at the right time you can also use the Ctrl + key to move the edit window, head to another file parameters.

In our use of this software, we often encounter many repetitive operations, the following we will introduce several shortcut to help you improve your work efficiency:
Ctrl-Pgup or Ctrl-Pgdn Shortcuts: Let your status in the normal display, HTML code to display and preview the page to switch.
Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab shortcut keys: to switch between pages.
Ctrl-/: in Nomal window was, as the HTML code tags.
If you select a table in a cell while pressing the Alt key, you can choose it for a single. It can be copy / cut and paste operations.

Web page download time estimates:
When you open a page using FrontPage to edit, the status bar will estimate the situation to 28.8 kps connection to download the web page takes time. Since you do not know what the user will be used to download speeds, so you have to adjust the management of the download speed. By selecting the View (Views) of the page icon or use the View / Web (View / Page) to display the page menu to the window, select 28.8 in the status bar estimates (estimate). In its drop-down menu also allows you to select a range of other connection speed, such as 14.4,56.6, ISDN, T1 and T3.

Marked slow page display
FrontPage 2000 can estimate the current page download time (mentioned above), it also allows you to immediately find the pages slow to download. Select View / Report / slow page (View / Reports / Slow Pages) menu. Page report will show slow (Slow Pages Report), in this report shows the rate of 28.8 for all to download pages more than 30 seconds. You can also reset the circumstances which web pages are slow, can select the Tools / Options (Tools / Options) menu to set it up. In the options (Options) dialog box, select the Report view (Reports View) tags. The next step is to set download time and connection speed (from 14.4 to T3) option.

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WAPI, said the delegation stormed Prague international forward will not give up

WAPI wireless local area network of national standards with international standards sprint once again blocked the road.

Yesterday, in the Czech capital Prague, attended by the Chinese WAPI delegation of the "First Financial Daily" confirmed that, as in the ballot resolution meeting, the Chinese delegation are not allowed to elaborate their point of view, a serious injustice situation, To find a just solution way, has been meeting all the withdrawal.

March 7 this year, and the United States in the WAPI standard IEEE 802.11i proposal duel in the rapid process of voting, WAPI was only 30 countries members of the body of the eight votes. The Prague meeting was a vote against the final resolution.

However, WAPI, said the Chinese delegation, taking into account the unique advantages of WAPI technology, the relevant departments of China's strong support WAPI, and other serious flaws in the proposal, the future of the Standard International Promotion of the possibility still exists. "So a vote of this group even if we lose, it may only stage results, international standards does not mean promoting the work of an end." 浠h〃鍥?insider said.

The source pointed out that China has always been the standard maximum support in the Chinese market, the international standardization process has never been and will not affect this.

Analysis Group is going through the motions

"All proposals are to ensure IEEE802.11i pass." WAPI delegation calls on a person's anger that the meeting repeatedly rejected the reasonable demands of China, everything is just going through the motions.

It is known that on March 7 in the voting process, the majority of the comments against WAPI are also procedural issues, and technical comments for WAPI has not made any significant safety and structural deficiencies. In response, the national standard management committee have been this year on April 29 and May 18 submitted to the IEEE to ISO rules violation complaint file.

May 29, ISO file complaints based on the WAPI reply's reply: Analysis group meeting to schedule a vote was held and only discuss technical issues, not related to procedural issues.

"Other countries procedural reasons against WAPI, we will be in the resolution process was prohibited from talking about issues, we would be totally deprived of their legitimate right of reply." WAPI delegation of a say.

It is also why, WAPI delegation at the Prague meeting, can not get any opportunity to appeal the final choice angrily left the venue.

February 2005, at the ISO meeting in Frankfurt, the same as ISO "serious violations of international standards organization operating rules, serious violations industry ethics", WAPI delegation also angrily left the meeting midway.

IEEE played the political card

"We think that unfair treatment on WAPI, the reason is that IEEE and its agents used a large number of illegal and immoral means, leading to other countries WAPI prejudice, discrimination, and directly affected the vote." According to the Chinese WAPI delegation of The source said.

Therefore, the members of the Dutch national body comments file documents the contents of full references IEEE, views outside, the same allegation: "China's WAPI supporters have won China's support of the national members of the body, but there is evidence that this organization has not received the Chinese Ministry of level leadership support. so do not support the WAPI standard would not necessarily hurt the relationship with the Chinese leadership. "

The source also pointed out that all along, WAPI, have suffered a comprehensive and all means of pressure, not only because commercial interests and the technical line of disputes, but also macro-economic strategies, international competition and international political struggle. For example, IEEE camp constantly struggle against cryptographic algorithms, and even declared that "China's WAPI left the back door, to monitor freedom of expression" and other inflammatory and false accusations, the purpose is to use ideological factors in Western countries attempt to destroy China's own password algorithms and wireless LAN technology.


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Vigilance "Fantasy Westward Journey" Daohao Trojan havoc

Kaspersky Labs has detected a service called "scar" of Daohao Trojan (Trojan.Win32.Scar.abnv) ravaged the network, resulting in infection of many users. The Trojan uses UPack packers, the main target of the attack, "Fantasy Westward Journey" online games. It is usually linked through the website or download manager such as horse infect your computer. Into the computer, the Trojan will release a malicious file to a computer disk, and modify and create registry entries. "Scar" Daohao Trojan is a major characteristic is its can run as exe, can run as a dll. Exe will be released as a load dll, but when you do run for Daohao dll. Trojan running will first examine their own start as a exe or a dll starts, although different behaviors, but the end result is the implementation of the Trojan code to steal the user's game account information online games. Not only that, this Trojan will search for "Picture and Fax Viewer" window, and browse the picture with its intercept, the stolen account information and captured images to a remote computer, causing huge losses to computer users.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing "Scar" Daohao horse, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Tell you a true Rising

- Concerted efforts, in unison the team continue to push forward to achieve beyond Rising

銆怰EVIEW銆? Rising is such a rare, behind her success is because of these concerted efforts, in unison of "team spirit." Rising spirit to achieve Nirvana, to create the largest R & D team and service team, provides a starting from Zhongguancun, to outstanding national and global enterprises.

Background: Zhongguancun is the birthplace of the Chinese IT industry. This place, the birth of countless individuals hero, every hero and led a business. However, there is always a hero from the peak to the trough, so most of the companies ruined; and look at the rare survival, because the spirit of being a hero instead of team success, but team success of this enterprise to promote sustainable development . The Rising is such a rare, behind her success is because of these concerted efforts, in unison of "team spirit." Rising spirit to achieve Nirvana, to create the largest R & D team and service team, provides a starting from Zhongguancun, to outstanding national and global enterprises. (Reporter: Chen Oriental)

Rising numbers

Perhaps everyone is most familiar Rising desktop jump the small lion, but more realistic Rising, but not everyone understands. Rising real, largely through a group of figures can be outlined:

80 million (legitimate users): Rising has 80 million users of genuine individuals, 10 thousand enterprise-class users. Ministerial level in Beijing over the units, more than 70 products using the Rising, including the State Council, the Central Organization Department, the International Liaison Department, State Administration of Taxation, the Beijing municipal government and other heavyweight units.

500 million yuan: So far, the national tax Rising accumulatively 500 million yuan. Which, since 2003 tax 450 million yuan.

8 years: from 2001 to 2009, Rising market share in the first 8 years.

200: present, Rising R & D team of 200 people, is the largest and most powerful anti-virus and network security research team.

20: Rising built a huge nationwide sales and marketing systems, including more than 20 branches and offices, as well as thousands of agents.

150: present, Rising has the largest customer service team, the number reached more than 150 people, Rising has the industry's first carrier-grade call center and "online expert patient" Online service system.

700 000 000 Revenue: Revenue for the year 2007 reached more than 7 million.

... ...

These figures, representing the current modernization and internationalization Rising real strength. So, step by step how to Rising success?

Team to Rising Nirvana

In the Rising, most of the staff are old employee. If you have only 1-2 years in the Rising of the time, you are too embarrassed to say you are a veteran staff. While some other companies, they count as a real old employee. Rising remember clearly the old workers, it is an almost tragic death to Rising event, led Rising R & D team from the personal to the evolution of heroism, so Rising achieved Nirvana, but also achievements of the Asia's largest information security enterprise.

April 2003, SARS in China open, suddenly, the street crowds gone, the software shop wants to come, the traditional software channel sales dropped to freezing point, Rising has a slump. More than a month without income, waiting to eat more than 400 employees, while the Rising was not much accumulation.

How do? Not only Rising, sellers rely on the survival of many companies are faced with dilemma of Zhongguancun, including the then largest software chain Lianbang, because SARS without customers, all in a gradual fall helpless. Rising of the management team saw a business opportunity: people afraid to go out because of SARS, but online shopping at the time, it was an explosive growth, and that people already accustomed to buying things through the network, then "made online can download the RISING of how like? "Rising in one step, the antivirus software download version made, people can be online banking, mobile payments download. This is the first software companies begin mass marketing, sales that month appeared in the WBC, has sold over 100 million.

In addition, the company's management team began to consider the traditional sources of problems: as the best company was sold, Rising in such circumstances do? Time user or are considered "promotion", and based on this, the company decided to launch a large-scale marketing: sale of 300,000 sets of Rising 2003 edition dropped the retail price of 30 yuan, while a value of 35 yuan to send the pockets. Because at that time ordered the pocket has seven colors, so good to hear from the name called "Colorful security crisis." This is what ripped the user's needs, and Strong Sales of the Rising was also to bring a lot of popular software store and was then general manager of software Lianbang called "real rescue."

Colorful turmoil had not completely ended, August 12, 2003, "Blaster" virus hit. Today, if you ask a person who do not understand computers, so that he cites several well-known virus, CIH, shock wave, Sasser, panda burning incense, which are 99% of the people mentioned by name. The impact of these viruses has been divorced from the industry scope of the virus, making the majority of ordinary users are familiar with.

"Shock" to the millions of computers at once paralyzed, has given a rare opportunity to bring Rising. Because at that time, foreign anti-virus software does not R & D in China, the reaction is much slower than the Rising. Rising "quick response, killing ability," which is suddenly emerged. Rising dozens of cities across the country released a free anti-virus CD looted, even the user line up to buy RISING Antivirus phenomenon.

Rising to the fact that R & D team was emboldened, and Rising R & D team started to Nirvana. Rising of the R & D system, but also began leading the individual to gradually transition to the "processes and systems" into the "team spirit" of the times. Are faced with the end of 2003, when the company's management system as accurate, cost has been well controlled, only a slight increase in the sales situation, profits had increased sharply to more than 2000 million in 2002 to 7 times.

Won the 80 million licensed users of the Road

Domestic and foreign high-tech industry experience tells us that any quality and innovative products, all require efficient and excellent service team, in order to achieve integration with the user requirements, translate into strong customer interest. Rising and this is the key to success. Rising has a strong cohesive team and efficient operation mechanism of the market system, leading products and services for the Rising provides a powerful impetus.

March 2004, Rising input 5 million building the industry's first carrier-grade call center, a substantial increase in service threshold, as the domestic security industry's only "carrier class" call centers, and "online expert patient" Online service system so that Rising has the largest customer service team.

Kaspersky is a well-known Russian antivirus software, had been "professional anti-virus" received a small portion of users of the pursuit. In 2006, Kaspersky domestic agents to find on the odd tiger 360, the two hit it off, decided to start "tying free cooperation." Users download the 360, you can get a free period of six months using the registration code.

At that time, almost all of the domestic manufacturers have ignored the news. Because in the previous Internet, all kinds of pirated antivirus software everywhere, "you then free to complete than the free pirated?" This is one common idea. But by the end of 2006 we found six months free version of Kaspersky have accumulated several million users, has been put in the quiet of domestic anti-virus from the first three Jiangmin position squeezed down.

Woke taste to the Rising began Jedi fight back. Just the end of 2006, making the Pacific submarine cable fault earthquake, this time we discovered that the original Kaspersky, Symantec, Trend Micro and other foreign companies are not set up a server at home, their millions, tens of millions of users click child into not upgrade, no anti-virus dilemma.

In this case, the Rising first announced one month free trial to allow the use of foreign anti-virus software, users can change anti-virus software with the Rising, and later as an extension cable fault repair period, making the trial period from one month to three months.

However, the only "free" has not prompted customers to choose an anti-virus software, users choose their technology has become the most important bargaining chip. Rising at the end of 2006, released 2007 edition, by adding a "virtual machine shelling engine", "NTFS Stream Hidden Data killing", "unknown virus killing," and many other new technologies. The "unknown virus killing" has gained national patent.

Rising very successful counterattack, without prejudice to existing subscribers of the case, the Rising of the new users 500 million, once stabilized the market impact was Kaspersky situation.

June 2005, Rising has released the first domestic professional anti-malware Rising Kaka 1.0, called for "rogue software has become a social nuisance, the relevant firms to self-discipline", start and lead the whole society to the then 3721 and so a large number of harmful network malware war. Rising launched in November 2006 Kaka Internet Security Assistant 3.0, continue to hunt down rogue software.

Now, Rising has become the supplier of enterprise-level information security. Since 2003, Rising to participate fully in 13 gold (for the Golden Shield, Golden Audit, Finance Kim nationwide large-scale information projects such as escort) project. State-level ministries and units in Beijing Rising more than 70 products, the State Council, the Central Organization Department, the International Liaison Department, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Public Security, Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Beijing municipal government are the product user. More importantly, Rising also provide security for the ministries, such as the National Security, two security, and so on Olympic security. Rising leaders of many countries also use products. The Rising is the largest of the central government procurement list, anti-virus software vendor.

It benefited from the persistent sense of customer service, Rising to achieve high-speed development. In 2002, the Rising sales of the company less than a million, more than 380 million profit only; in 2003, Rising profits reached 20 million yuan, sales break 10 million units, over 60% every year since then the growth, 2007 annual sales reached 700 million yuan. So far, the national tax Rising accumulatively 500 million yuan. (Where, Rising sales of 1 yuan each, can lead packaging, sales, payment and other income of more than 10 per session).

Duo do have the security of air "cloud"

Into the team spirit of the times, the Rising R & D began their all-round development. At present, Rising R & D team of 200 people, more than doubled in 2003, its R & D increased from first class to international advanced level.

In 2008, the concept of cloud computing in the world when the only outcrop angle, Rising to see, because the virus industry, Internet technology, the traditional model has stretched the virus. In 2008, Rising R & D team will continue to extend the concept of computer security, so that Internet-based security products, against the new virus pattern. Rising thus entered a "cloud security" of the times, began a new round of Internet security model innovation. Rising "Cloud security" of all the core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, can government agencies, financial industry and other key departments to provide comprehensive security protection services, and complete security of China's information security.

July 2008, the world's first "cloud security" systems in commercial operation. "Cloud security" is the core mechanism of the entire security industry, which not only greatly improve the Rising of the new virus's rapid-response level, intercepted over the Internet linked to horse websites, infected site, leaving hundreds of millions of users enjoy the Rising of the technological achievements. For example, Thunder Rising has provided the results of cloud killing, when users download files, will feature this file to compare with the server database, if infected, is to remind the user to killing. Similar technology is applied to the Sogou search engine, Tian Long Ba Bu online games, download software, Express partners.

In one year, the Rising innovative "Cloud security" solution successfully intercepted 20 billion site the user linked to horse attacks, intercepted and processed 20.04 million samples of the latest viruses. These valuable data, but also be applied to the product development process, so that the new Rising domestic product is as close to the actual state of the Internet, with a "full intercept" and "totally killing" and "Speed Response," the three characteristics of a full solution, "Trojan virus spread in many ways," "Trojan downloader flood", "antivirus software lags behind the virus," the three major industry problem.

In the latest, "Rising full-featured security software 2010", the application of the "cloud security," the latest research results, with a full block, and complete killing, a positive response to three major advantages of the new Trojan virus killing the engine capacity of more strong, resource-less, faster reaction, the virus killing efficiency by 40-60%.

Information security is national security, Rising and government agencies, business partners to establish a broad and deep relationships with internal and external resources, Rising R & D center has already completed five safety net programs: a global computer virus monitoring network, the Global Computer Virus Emergency processing network, the National Computer Virus Forecast Network, the National Anti-Virus Service Network and the global HIV epidemic monitoring network, and to assist in the protection of public security information security level of training, research and so a lot of work. Rising HIV epidemic report released into the internal reference, the concern by state leaders. In the Ministry of Public Security of computer virus prevention product review, the "Rising anti-virus software," stand-alone, Web Edition has won both the first winning score, and 5 year in a row now.

Rising social responsibility: 5.12 earthquake relief team to win the trust

May 12, 2008, the Branch building shaking a while, people head feel dizzy. QQ, we have asked: Beijing an earthquake?

Beijing did not earthquakes, that vibration is coming from the southwest. 5.12 earthquake, 80,000 of life is taken away, the whole nation grieved.

That evening, the management held an emergency meeting Rising to the resolution adopted at an unprecedented rate, one million yuan donation to the disaster area. Sina announced in contributions of time sorting list, the Rising in the country was ranked second.

In the rescue process, the Rising charter plane to the disaster area to deliver emergency supplies, open the "private enterprise charter relief precedent."

Rising organizations in the "face of natural disasters so that we act together," large-scale public event, a total receipt, transfer of all donations totaling 230 tons. Rising charter flight in which a total of 21 sorties, transporting medicines, medical equipment and other emergency supplies to 140 tons; Rising land rescue team start eight batches were delivering food, tents, medicines, gloves and other materials of about 90 tons. The total contribution is far more than 1 million yuan.

At that time, the outside that the achievements of disaster relief from the Rising, Rising to see the quality of people. For example: within a week after the disaster, donated tents Rising 4000, accounting for the national fund-raising tent at 1% of the total. Rising in disaster relief since the establishment of credibility, and some users even from Guangzhou, Wuhan, sent from the relief materials distributed to the victims Torre star hands. Rising received in donations, even including a Korean friend's items.

Rising professional logistics team speed, raise the professional capacity, professional handling of fund-raising approach, appreciated by the majority of Internet users.

Rising glory and dreams of 2009

Jiazi anniversary this year coincides with the new China, 18-year-old Rising company experienced rapid development in recent 6 years later, entered the technical innovation as the driving force for the carrier market services to leading a new period of development as the goal .

October 2009, the company's annual new product Rising "Rising Internet Security 2010 Full Edition" in the UK West Coast Labs Certification by all the six. This certification was started in 1996, is the world's most advanced information security products, one of the most authoritative certification, the "Grand Slam" certification marks Rising to provide users with comprehensive, high quality security has reached the highest in the world. Rising company is also Asia's first award of companies.

July 2009, Microsoft announced Windows 7 recommended antivirus software brands, there are only Rising a top the popular list.

June 2009, Ministry of Science published the first batch of 232 "national independent innovation products", in these latest achievements on behalf of the Chinese high-tech products, the only security software is Rising.

In "Rising full-featured security software 2010" new listing before "50 pre-sale" activities, daily activities are less than 1 minute after the beginning of the day quota restriction was robbed of the light.

"Rising full-featured security software 2010" listing, there have been warmly welcomed by the majority of users a week total sales of 200,000 units have been, in some cities even a sold out phenomenon.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Behind these achievements is the Rising of people in this "group" has long been unrelenting efforts.

R & D, core technology, the spirit of service, customer trust and corporate social responsibility, is to promote the Rising respond to future changes in the level of importance to the world's leading foundation. The concerted efforts, in unison the team spirit, excellent management team, a Rising achieve consistently exceed basis. Abandoned personal heroism, abandoned Zhongguancun enterprises which started the "workshop-style management", the Rising shows great vitality. From R & D to sales, from the financial to the market, have a mature process in operation. From the successful to more successful from Zhongguancun to the world, from extensive management to modern governance structure to respond to market the changing intelligence community, which is the journey taken by Rising.

The future, Rising convinced that only as always, to create a highly cohesive team, and strong execution service system, Rising to achieve their great mission - the world's most valuable information security products and services provider, enables Information security is everywhere.


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Kabbah: careful tuxedo (Tux)!

Recently, Kaspersky Lab entitled "rampant in Vista and XP other than the malicious software" article. The article outlines the targets of malicious software, not just Windows, but also other systems. Article also describes the protection of non-Windows systems or the network models of several steps.

Article, Kaspersky Lab Center for European Studies senior malware analyst and senior virus analyst Magnus Kalkuhl Marco Preuss analyzed for non-Windows systems in recent years, malicious software trends, and discusses the various types of data protection and communication from the threat of the special problems encountered by.

Kaspersky Lab experts also stressed that the use of non-mainstream technology can provide some security advantages, but this by no means a guarantee. Currently the vast majority of malicious software attacks target Windows system, but other operating systems is very vulnerable to attack. In addition, regardless of any operating system, spread of malicious code across the network (such as some hidden script on the page) will affect the security of your computer.

Note: tuxedo (Tux), means the body dovetail shape of penguins, in this case Linux, currently one of the most popular operating system.

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"Storm the 1st" Crazy transmitted infections rose sharply to 100 000

After New Year's Day, Rising Through "Cloud security" system data analysis, online recently popular "Storm One" ( infection continues to increase, January 1 to 3 period, a total of 50,000 infected computers, and the growth rate is still accelerating. According to reports, the computer will be infected with the virus appears unusually slow pace, all the normal folder is hidden, pop-up drive was timed, and with the skull image lock the user's computer screen and so on. If the user is infected you can use full-featured security software completely Rising killing the virus, in order to restore normal operation of computer systems.

"Storm," is "Seven"

"Storm I" is different from the current mainstream HIV virus, without Daohao, download the trojan acts and other common viruses. Rising anti-virus engineers will introduce its "Seven":

1, the virus will automatically be deformed, encryption, decryption, so each time you run, the virus changes the document thoroughly, to avoid killing anti-virus software.

2, Autorun way through, allowing users to automatically run the virus opens the disk, and modify the normal system files.

3, the virus file attached in the normal system file, modify the registry, in order to achieve their own hide.

4, hide the computer all folders, and generate a shortcut, when the user opens, it will mistakenly think that is normal, but the virus has been run.

5, whenever the system date in the month and day are equal (eg, 2 February), optical drive, the virus automatically pop up.

6, the virus will use the next graph skeleton picture lock your computer screen so the user can not operate.

7 Finally, the computer allows users to run after infection rate becomes very slow and can not operate normally.

According to Rising "Cloud security" system, statistics show that the storm on the 1st virus was found as early as last October, the first mutation of the virus is Worm.Script.VBS.Autorun.bc, but has no major outbreak, two months a total of more than 40,000 cases of poisoning users. Entered after 2010, rapid growth in infection and 3 days infection 5 million subscribers, making it the fastest-growing stage destructive virus.

What is "Storm I"

This is a VBS scripting, and self-deformation by means of encryption and transmission through U disk malicious worm.

"Storm One," what harm

1, since the deformation

Virus was first through the implementation of strreverse () function to obtain the decryption function of the virus

Decryption code:

This code will read the comments part of the script file, after its decryption

After decryption run a virus, the virus will re-generate keys, encrypt the virus code is then the self-replicating.

So after each time you run the virus, its file content and viruses before running completely different.

2, self-replicating

Virus traverses every disk to the root directory and write Autorun.inf. Vbs file, when the user double-clicks to open the disk, it will trigger the virus file, get it to run.

Wscript.exe virus will copy the system to C: WindowsSystemsvchost.exe

If it is FAT format, virus will copy itself to C: WindowsSystem32, the file name is random number.

If it is NTFS format, the virus will flow through the NTFS file the way, be attached to the following file.

C: Windowsexplorer.exe

C: WindowsSystem32smss.exe

3, change the registry

The virus will modify the following registry key, key point of its virus files. When the user runs the inf, bat, cmd, reg, chm, hlp type of file, open Internet Explorer, or double-click the My Computer icon, it will trigger the virus file, get it to run.

The virus will modify the following registry key for the folder options to "Show hidden files" option is invalid.

The virus will delete the following key to the shortcut icon on the small arrow superimposed


The virus will modify the following registry key, open the properties of all disk automatically.

The virus will modify the following keys, so the virus can boot from the start.

4, Traverse Folder

Recursively traverse the virus each disk folder, when the traverse to the folder, the folder will be set to "Hidden + System + read-only" attribute. At the same time create a shortcut, the target point to vbs script, parameters point to a hidden folder by the virus.

Because the virus will modify the registry to view hidden files option is invalid shortcut icon will shield the small arrow, and therefore have a very confused type, so that the user is a mistake to open the folder.

5, turn off pop-up drive

Whenever the system date in the month and day of equal time (say 1 January, 2 February ... ... and so on), the virus is active, will be every 10 seconds to open and close the drive. Open the drive frequency of the current month to decide (as on January 1, each time the virus activated, will open and close the CD-ROM 1; February 2, each activation of a virus, will open and close the CD-ROM 2).

6, will call mstha.exe displays the following picture, and lock the computer, so users can not operate.

Virus running, will lock the computer screen skull image

7, ergodic process, if found regedit.exe, taskmgr.exe and other process, call the ntsd command on the end of the process, so that users can not open the registry editor and task manager and some basic system utilities.

In the end how the virus does

First use of tools, all wscript.exe and end off the path in C: windowssystemsvchost.exe process.

Run "regedit", open the Registry Editor, locate the "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindowsload", view its content to point the path. In the command line, run the del command to delete the script file.

Use the NTFS file stream tools, delete attached files explorer.exe and smss.exe flow.

Use the file association fix, repair virus modified file association.

Remove the root directory of each disk and the vbs file autorun.inf.

In view of this virus to create the virus file, the path from the start the way there are quite complex, it is recommended to use Rising Antivirus software automatically killing.

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